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Tuxedo Help

How to Rent a Tuxedo

(1) - Style

Chose your style with the help of a formalwear consultant. You may want to bring a swatch of the matching bridesmaids or prom dress to better coordinate the color of the tuxedo accessories. We'll record the details for a wedding or quinceanera party so you don't have to.

(2) - Fit

Get measured! For single orders like prom, we'll do this when you select styles. For wedding parties, we'll help you communicate with your groomsmen to give them appropriate instructions after we finalize your style selection. We have a Measurement Form if you need it!

(3) - Pickup

During the final fitting, we'll inspect each tuxedo to insure a proper fit and make adjustments as needed.

(4) - Return

Return your tuxedo the day after the event.

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